Workarounds For LinkedIn Advertising

2 min readAug 23, 2021


In LinkedIn advertising, professionalism is required, because with a few posts here and there you will neither draw attention to your company, nor recruit applicants, win new customers or convince decision-makers. In order for you to succeed, we have written the LinkedIn guide for you and your company. Here you will find out everything about the advertising of LinkedIn, get to know some new functions and get a few useful tricks and workarounds along the way!

Interact With Other LinkedIn Users

Interaction with other users is very important on LinkedIn. Like, share and comment on interesting posts from others to draw attention to your company.

Content Seeding In LinkedIn

You should also be active in groups and share your content. Search for groups that concern your categories and become a member there. In the discussions you can contribute your knowledge and refer to your content. But make sure that the whole thing does not have a promotional side.

Create Focus Pages And Expand The Company Profile

LinkedIn focus pages are still astonishingly little used. They are a free and very good for companies to present individual products, topics or provider areas. Focus pages are something like sub-pages or landing pages for your LinkedIn company profile and can therefore also be advertised in a very targeted manner.


Switch Advertising

To get more coverage, you can also use the various advertising toll on LinkedIn. You can choose from a variety of advertising opportunities. You can advertise content such as posts, place completely reduced ads, send private messages to other members or even place ads. The tool offers very good targeting opportunities, so you can reach your target without major wastage.

Add Hashtags

In fact, there is also another way for a company to like, share or comment on articles. You can add up to three hashtags to your company account. LinkedIn shares with these hashtags are then given to you in a separate feed for your company, in which you can easily like, share and comment as a company.

Share Posts As A Company

In some ways, LinkedIn is a little behind. This includes, sharing posts as a company. Unfortunately, simply clicking on share is not possible, because LinkedIn only lets you share posts on your own profile. Fortunately, there is a very simple workaround: just the link, switch to the administrator view of the company profile and paste the link here. Another option — you can share articles that are displayed on your company page under the heading suggested content — here even without the workaround.




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