Tips For More Profitable YouTube Advertising

How can you strengthen the branding of your YouTube account with just a few clicks? Or advertise your own video for free to reach more viewers? With the new YouTube features, this is also possible without design knowledge and an advertising amount. And not just for YouTube partners, but for everyone. A free and useful function that you should take five minutes for. You can get to the In Video program with the settings and then the channel settings, which can be found in the left column.

Embed Your Own Logo In All Videos

Here everyone can add their own logo to their videos, which the viewer forwards to their own platform with a click. The avatar picture is suggested by default; However, another image with the dimensions 800 × 800 and a size of 1 MB can also be uploaded here. We recommend embedding a PNG file with a transparent background so that the image adapts to the video background and does not cover too much image area. Then the position of the image can be selected and the time of the display can be specified. Here you can either choose an individual start time and duration, or only fade in the logo towards the end for a certain time or fade in for the entire duration of the video.

At the moment, a branding that has been set once is displayed in all uploaded videos of the platform. Therefore, it should be checked beforehand whether the brand might interfere in some places in individual videos or whether it overlaps with other elements. For example, we had already included a logo ourselves in our current series and therefore decided against double branding, as long as you cannot select this for individual videos.

Generate More Viewers For Top Videos

With this handy feature, you can promote a new or important video in any other uploaded video on your platform. It is interesting that you are not limited to your own uploads when choosing videos, but can simply include any YouTube video. Here too, the position and time of the display must then be determined.

For example, we decided to promote our latest video every week. In all other videos, a small preview of our current video is displayed for ten seconds at the bottom right. From our point of view, it is a pity that no call for action, such as watch top video or the like is displayed, but only the YouTube link appears.

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