Local SEO For Restaurants

3 min readFeb 14, 2021


The term local SEO for restaurants or search optimization, means the process to design a site as far ahead as possible in the local search result of a search program. While doing so, one tries to achieve the possible placement for relevant search terms in a certain area and to appear on the first search results page for the user.

Most users enter special search queries when looking for data about local SEO for restaurants in their preferred search. Hardly any one-word search queries are sent. On the other hand, it happens more often that the selected keywords are supplemented with the city name or the desired district and thus optimized.

Who Can Benefit From Local SEO For Restaurants?

Every restaurants with a fixed area benefits from local SEO — regardless of the size or the branch of the company. The only thing you need is a location that customers can visit or from which you can offer your services. If this is the case, local SEO also makes sense. The users have long recognized the possibilities of this search. For example, when looking for a restaurant in the area, the search engine is the first port of call.

80 % of all smartphone owners in Europe use their cell phone for search queries. Foreigners or those unfamiliar with the area in particular use their smartphones for local searches. This enables even hidden shops away from the big shopping streets a chance of spontaneous walk-in customers. This makes local SEO one of the most important tools for businesses. The better the placement in the local search results, the higher the potential of new customers that can be generated through the hits on searches. Local SEO ensures that these good rankings are achieved.

local SEO for restaurants

The challenge: More and more companies are realizing how important local search is and are therefore investing in local SEO for their websites. That makes the competition for a good ranking tougher than it was a few years ago.So that you can take part in this race for the top places in the search results, we will give you some valuable and proven secrets for local SEO to improve your rankings.

The keywords relevant for the local SEO of a business are found out with the help of a keyword test. Which keywords are frequently searched for in the respective area? Which search phrases are used? Do these also fit the service offered?

Structured Information

Structured information help the search engine to assess the website and to assign it to search queries. The structured information is not visible to the website users because they are stored in the code. With the help of the data on the page, such as your contact data or opening times, can be marked so that they can be better recognized by search engines. Search engines recommend using the form for structured information whenever possible. Conveniently, there are already guidelines for this that can be used by search engines.


For most consumers nowadays, personal evaluations are important when making a purchase decision. Who has never read the reviews on websites or other online sellers before making a purchase decision? Probably very few. This is especially true for larger purchases. Good ratings or reviews have a great influence on local SEO for restaurants. But be careful, if a company only has five-star ratings, this could be an indication of fake ratings.




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