How To Score Points Via Facebook Shop?

2 min readAug 25, 2021


Shopping also lives from inspiration and recommendations from people around us. It is not surprising that it makes sense for retailers to draw attention to themselves and their own sales on platforms and even to sell them.

A Facebook Business Account Is Required

In order to use the shopping tool, retailers need a business account, as this is the only way to manage the Facebook management. Business accounts are free of charge, but marketing expenses should be planned for the necessary reach. Facebook shops are currently gradually being made available to all companies on the platform. The prerequisite is that they use a Facebook page shop. If a company has not used these functions before, it can set up its Facebook shop in just a few steps using the commerce tool.

Online Retailers In Facebook Shops Must Pay Attention To This

It is important for retailers to score points with users with their visual presence. The appearance of a brand’s Facebook shop should blend in with its existing look and feel. In this way, visitors to the Facebook shop recognize the company that is behind the shop and that they may already know from their stories or offline shopping.

Facebook Shop

Present Your Product In The Right Context

Make sure the images you use in the product are of high quality. What counts is the first impression: Especially if a user is not familiar with your brand, the look and feel of your shop and the imagery can be decisive in making a customer want to continue to interact with you.

Legal Notices For Dealers With A Facebook Shop

A contract can still be outsourced by forwarding it to a website. To do this, retailers can add the link to the page to the product presented in the Facebook shop. The obligations as for the online shop are not yet to be implemented in the Facebook shop itself. However, retailers must ensure that they meet these requirements in the shop to which the prospective buyer is directed.

Customer Communication Is Critical To Success

In relation to the further successful implementation of their own Facebook shop, experts advise dealers to take their time. You should first get to know your own audience, gradually adapt content and manage advertising spending over the long term. You can assess whether you will achieve your KPIs at the earliest — if at all — after three to four weeks.




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