How To Integrate Instagram Into Your Marketing?

3 min readAug 27, 2021


Hardly any other platform is so bursting with creativity and innovation and at the same time gives companies the chance to place their brands in such an open environment. But it’s not that easy either: Success or failure is subject to its own rules on Instagram. What you need to consider when planning an Instagram strategy, what good content looks like, how to deal with hashtags, stories and of course how to integrate the platform into your marketing management.

Which Industries Is Instagram Suitable For?

With the right strategy, companies from every sector can assert themselves on Instagram — from the large fashion label to the small neighborhood restaurant, almost everyone presents themselves on Instagram today, almost every sector is represented. As expected, the beauty, fashion and jewelry industries use the platform particularly intensively. These sectors were the pioneers on the platform and were the first to discover the potential of the platform for themselves. But they are surpassed by another: the automotive sector. Almost every well-known automotive company uses the platform to keep fans and followers up to date. Above all, of course, users will find high-quality images of the vehicles.

User Engagement Is Enormous

Sharing pictures is only possible to an extent on Instagram. A certain momentum of its own, which often develops in a typical social platform, is therefore less to be found. Due to the lack of a sharing function, such criterias are less likely to be found on Instagram.

Nevertheless, Instagram has a very big advantage over other platforms: the engagement rate is extremely high compared to other social media channels. Users interact much more often with posts on Instagram than on other networks. They like and comment, especially when it comes to profiles of big brands, whatever it takes.


Create Recognition Value

Instagram is all about looks. The appearance of a company or a brand should be individual, but uniform. A high recognition value is important. In order to find the right look for the company, it helps to restrict oneself to one or a few filters or to continue an attribute in all images. This creates an unmistakable look that users can quickly associate with the brand — a valuable side for successful branding.

Instagram Stories For Marketers

In addition to the limited availability of 1 day, the big difference between stories and regular posts is that they are rarely wonderfully staged images, but rather spontaneous. The shots are automatically deleted after 24 hours. Thanks to the story function, users can now post more often without flooding the subscriber’s feed.

If you have already built up reach on Instagram as a company, you now have the chance of using the stories function for yourself. You can try out new contents without having to build a new audience again. Unlike images and videos that are great staged and optically adapted to the identity, stories have no claim to perfection. Companies can use them to give the followers a look behind the scenes. This strengthens customer loyalty, as you meet them on an equal footing and give them a honest insight into day-to-day business. As a manufacturer of a product, for example, you can show views from production, as a company you can stage a small tour through the office. It is important to always remain relevant.




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