Google Page Experience Update Explained

The Google Page Experience Update is planned for this year and should make a big difference. We will explain what it’s all about and what you can do now to be well prepared for the update.

How exactly Google rates pages is still a secret. There should be hundreds of individually weighted and related reasons with which every website is rated. Sometimes, however, Google takes a look at the maps and explains which site operators should consider. This also applies to the announced Google Page Experience Update.

With the Page Experience Update, the company will focus on the following factors; Largest Content Paint explains how long it takes for the largest element of the visible area to be called. So if a visitor opens a website and the header image that can be seen is quite large and has a long loading time, this will have a negative impact on the Largest Contentful Paint. It looks different if a very large image file is in the footer of the page and therefore cannot be seen by the visitor at first.

Google Page Experience Update

The First Input Delay deals with the question of how long it takes for a user’s to lead to a reaction — e.g. the click of a button.

In our understanding, this is by no means about measuring how much time elapses between the action of a user and the completion of the associated one. So it is not measured when a click on Add to shopping cart leads to the shopping cart having the item in it. Rather, it measures how long the time between clicking on Add to shopping cart and starting is.

The value can be negatively influenced — for example, if various actions around the website continue to run after the page is viewed and the visitor’s browser is too busy for a new interaction.

It happens again and again that websites reload some things in order to e.g. to shorten loading times. Sometimes it makes sense. However, it becomes an issue if this interferes with the operation. A well-known example are news that move paragraphs a time after reading has started due to reloaded or updated advertising. Something like that causes frustration and in some cases can lead to bad purchases and more.

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