Getting Your LinkedIn Profile to All-Star Rating

LinkedIn is a social network for business contacts that lives from the individual network. The social network currently has 560 million users worldwide.

Why Shouldn’t You Do Without A LinkedIn Profile?

Especially when you are looking for a job, a LinkedIn profile increases the chances of being approached by recruiters — maybe they already have the next dream job ready for you? But even in a permanent employment relationship, LinkedIn has some advantages to offer: Network with your colleagues, service providers and customers there in order to expand your network. In addition, through LinkedIn you will receive numerous current industry news and exciting insights from other companies in order to always be up-to-date and to build up a standing as a pro in your company.

Profile Picture

The profile picture is the figurehead of your online presence. Here you should make sure to choose a well-lit picture on which you look serious and authentic at the same time. Avoid vacation pics and choose application photos instead. Depending on the industry in which you work, this should be more serious or more creative. LinkedIn recommends a size of 400 x 400 pixels.

Cover Photo

The cover picture completes the first impression of your profile. This should also be serious. How about a reference to your company or your product?

Profile Slogan

The profile slogan is displayed under your name and is therefore good for your mission statement! Use relevant keywords to make Google your friend, such as your industry. You can also use quotations or an address. If you do not fill out the field explicitly, your job title and your employer will appear as a profile slogan.



Here you can describe yourself in your own words. Share your passion and your experiences. You should give your description a personal touch. If you find it difficult to copy, ask friends how they would describe you — what makes you stand out? Or where do you want to go? What is your vision?

You also have the chance of including media and links in the description. For example, did you participate in the relaunch of your company website? Link them here! Or were you involved in the creation of something online? List this one!

Job Experience And Education

Show your career here: Where did you study? And what were your previous jobs? You should carefully fill in all of this data here. However, do not just list your positions, but also describe them: What exactly did you do? Which projects did you oversee?

Use Of Showcase Pages

Use Showcase Pages to create your own pages for your better-known brands, businesses and initiatives so you can expand your All Star LinkedIn presence.

With an intuitive blogging tool that integrates seamlessly with your profile on LinkedIn, you can post new and previously published content on LinkedIn to quickly grow your audience. Take advantage of native video. Native videos are displayed in the LinkedIn feed as independent posts, so that you can connect with the company’s decision-makers throughout the buyer’s journey on LinkedIn.