Facebook Advertising — Advantages & Disadvantages

2 min readJan 13, 2021


Since common media advertising continues to benefit from a growing number of users, many companies now see it as an efficient tool. It even goes so far that some of them are relocating their regular presence to networks and creating a Facebook advertising for their company so that they can only be active there. But is that really a well considered move? In the following, we will deal with the question of which means of advertising are better suited for companies and which advantages and disadvantages a Facebook page offers companies in contrast to their own advertising.

Facebook advertising offers the most advantages to companies when they are used for community building and marketing. They are well suited for advertising with the user and conversely, they have the opportunity to come into close contact with a company. This makes companies more transparent for users and allows them to be closer to them. They can also present themselves well using the short the advertising tool. However, a Facebook presence is sometimes less suitable for advertising. Contributions and postings that seem too spamy to users can quickly scare them off again.

Comprehensive Settings

From interests to job titles of target persons, almost everything can be filtered on Facebook. The plan of an advertising is partially specified, but can be individually configured using branding and your own image. The ads are linked to the Facebook page and website, so that there is immediate interaction between the company and the customer if required.

Facebook advertising

Benefits Of Facebook Ads

  • Campaigns are easy to track
  • Immediate return on investment
  • Lots of targeting options
  • The ability to reach people early in the buying period before they are aware of their needs

Disadvantages Of Facebook Ads

  • If set up and looked after incorrectly, money is quickly burned
  • Depending on your target, Facebook advertising can also be irrelevant
  • Reaching users too early in the buying cycle could potentially reduce your conversion rate

Facebook offers many arguments that speak in favor that content from small and medium sized companies can actually be successfully placed there and thus have a very good influence on users and customers. However, those who value stronger branding and product data cannot avoid creating a company website. It is therefore good if you rely on a successful combination of marketing tools in order to cover the target as broadly as possible.




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