Everything You Need To Know About Mobile SEO

Why Has Mobile SEO Become So Important?

The competition never sleeps. This will surely be clear to you. So that you can assert yourself permanently against your competitors, you should start immediately with mobile SEO. This offers you unimagined possibilities and can also improve the considerably. If you now offer rigid pages that do not adapt to the size of the display of the mobile device, the user suffers from this. With a mobile website, on the other hand, you can increase the user experience many times over. In addition, experience has shown that most users will not be satisfied with an outdated website, but instead call up a website that meets regular standards and thus enables better usability.

Separate URL For Mobile Option

If you want to create a separate mobile option for your site that runs under a completely new URL, you have to put in more effort. Although the content and the URL structure can be largely adopted with this variant, the maintenance effort is immense. If you opt for a new version, it is usually sufficient to create a subdomain for your URL.

Mobile SEO

The Usability

User friendliness or usability should always be in the foreground. Before creating the content, think about what the user of a mobile device is really interested in. Limit the data to the essentials in order to offer high added value. Make sure that the text is well structured and insert images in relevant places. If you use tables, they should not have more than three columns so that the mobile display can display them completely .Another aspect of usability is that users can get there with just a few clicks. If you want to buy something spontaneously on the go, you won’t like to click your way through a long period. Everything must therefore be short and to the point.

The Loading Time

Loading time is also one of the most important things in mobile SEO. If your page doesn’t load within three seconds, your chances of the user staying on your page decrease significantly. Long loading times are not only caused by image files that are too large, but also by CSS files and codes that are too large. Therefore, pay attention to a slow loading speed. Among other things, you can determine this with the PageSpeed ​​insights tool from Google.



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