Effectively Measuring Brand Awareness Campaigns

Procedures For Measuring Brand Awareness Campaigns


For surveys by mail, phone or page, you can choose existing customers or a random selection of people familiar with your brand. The first approach will give you an understanding of how these people learned about you, the second will give you insight into the increase of people who can remember your brand.

The Page Traffic

Website traffic can provide insights into brand awareness, but it’s important to look in the right places. Monitoring over a longer phase of time can provide an indicator of when something is changing in brand awareness.

Search Data

Use Google Adwords Keyword to find out search volume with your brand name and repeat this regularly to see if the search volume increases. This can be a simple and useful method, but the data will be very inaccurate if you have a brand name that is very generic.

Brand Awareness

Social Listening

Perhaps the most powerful method is to look at where people are already talking — on social media or other websites. With social listening, you can track online conversations about your brand on social platforms and the page. This gives you an insight into the minds of consumers who exchange data online without being asked or influenced by others. In this way, a risk that exists with surveys can be bypassed: distorted answers that arise due to this questioning situation.


Reach is the potential number of people who might have seen these mentions. This includes the increase of followers of each author who mentions you. So, for example, if someone with a million followers tweeted about your brand, it would have a greater impact on brand awareness than someone who was only followed by 100 people.


To track changes in your brand awareness, you need to compare the current values with your metrics. A sufficient time is required in order to be able to distinguish ascents and descents from anomalies. Brand watch provides data with which you can easily measure and compare your awareness after your first login.

Share Of Voice

Comparing your metrics will tell you if your brand awareness has improved, but that won’t give you the whole picture. The number of mentions about your brand could be a measly compared to those of your competitors.



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