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What exactly are content marketing services and how do they work? Which elements are available and why doesn’t every element fit in every sector or every campaign goal? In the following post we want to give you an overview, on the basis of which you can then delve deeper into the matter.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is based on the algorithm on the web that is often described by the word content is king. Good content is shared — across the entire online world: starting with blogs and posts through to all other variants. With good content you can distinguish yourself as…

If you own a small business, updating your company’s local SEO can be rewarding. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of local search optimization:

Local SEO Helps Potential Customers Discover Your Company

Lots of searches come from non-locals looking for a business like yours. If local search is done correctly, your business can capture this audience.

Local SEO Helps Even If You Don’t Have A Site

Even if your business doesn’t have a page, local SEO will help your business stand out on searches and handle more traffic from leads. Almost 60% of people who did a local search called the company. Local search gives potential customers the chance to take these activities. This in…

For many companies and individuals, the subject of web design is an abstract topic. You know that it’s about web design online, but overlook the diverse, influencing aspects. A great design of your site includes:

• Choosing the color of your page to match the logo
• Selected fonts, images and layout
• Integration of image and other elements
• Responsive design services

The interaction of these and other tools creates well thought-out with old and new customers. Your website shows at first glance whether you want to focus on old or young customers and which values stand behind your…

In 2021, web development services will do more than just report our text — they will help us create strategies and speed up the whole process. In addition, there are many more factors to consider than just HTML. For example, the planning process is very important. You need to consider wireframing, development and collaborative workflows. You’ll also need to choose the right JavaScript, whether you want to use an integrated development environment and more.

How Web Development Tools Can Optimize Your Workflow

We’ll give you a trigger warning before the next few words: crunch time. Yes, that dreaded text cries out for time-saving web development services to save…

Hardly any other platform is so bursting with creativity and innovation and at the same time gives companies the chance to place their brands in such an open environment. But it’s not that easy either: Success or failure is subject to its own rules on Instagram. What you need to consider when planning an Instagram strategy, what good content looks like, how to deal with hashtags, stories and of course how to integrate the platform into your marketing management.

Which Industries Is Instagram Suitable For?

With the right strategy, companies from every sector can assert themselves on Instagram — from the large fashion label to the…

Shopping also lives from inspiration and recommendations from people around us. It is not surprising that it makes sense for retailers to draw attention to themselves and their own sales on platforms and even to sell them.

A Facebook Business Account Is Required

In order to use the shopping tool, retailers need a business account, as this is the only way to manage the Facebook management. Business accounts are free of charge, but marketing expenses should be planned for the necessary reach. Facebook shops are currently gradually being made available to all companies on the platform. The prerequisite is that they use a Facebook page shop…

Do you want your products and offers to be visible on YouTube? In this blog, you will learn the most important things about advertising on YouTube advertising and how you can get started on a budget and without a serious recording. The probability that your target is on Youtube is very high. It is therefore worthwhile to be active in advertising here. But regular advertising tends to be perceived as annoying or intrusive in the context of the very loose, often private videos. In order to advertise successfully on Youtube, very precise targeting should take place and the form should…

In LinkedIn advertising, professionalism is required, because with a few posts here and there you will neither draw attention to your company, nor recruit applicants, win new customers or convince decision-makers. In order for you to succeed, we have written the LinkedIn guide for you and your company. Here you will find out everything about the advertising of LinkedIn, get to know some new functions and get a few useful tricks and workarounds along the way!

Interact With Other LinkedIn Users

Interaction with other users is very important on LinkedIn. Like, share and comment on interesting posts from others to draw attention to your company.

Content Seeding In LinkedIn

A Facebook company account is important for startups in order to widely distribute their products, offers and content. Advertisements also give companies the chance to acquire new customers quickly and without a large advertising budget.

First Goal Is Brand Awareness

It is advisable to advertise your own Facebook page first, of course, you should note that enough content is regularly provided on the Facebook page to quickly build a fan forum. To do this, select the brand awareness option in the left column. Once you have a lot of fans, this increases the trustworthiness of your brand. At the same time, your reach increases. …

Adwords extensions have been part of the collection of Adwords management for several years. However, it often happens that these are rejected. Here we have summarized what you should pay attention to when creating adwords management for your business.

Google is the measure of all things for both — page operators and users. The market share has remained constant at around 95 % for years, although there are minor deviations with regard to desktop search. For operators with a commercial focus, this means that visibility in search results is a decisive fact in determining success or failure. …


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